ExMormons jubilant as they are given r/Latterdaysaints

The ostensibly pro-Mormon moderators of Reddit’s r/latterdaysaints have given up and, in a recent post, announced that they are conceding that ExMormons deserve the space more than the believing Mormons it was created for.

Although believing Mormons naively thought they could have just one place where they could be safe fromĀ  the interminable submissions of “honest questions,” suggestions for TBM sex practices, critiques on LDS Church finance, deliberations on masturbation, and pornography submissions the site’s moderators quickly admitted that subscribers should not expect pro-Mormon spaces to work on Reddit.

“The other mods and I are… going to be a little extra quick in moderating posts by believers calling out or disparaging non-believers,” moderator Everything_Is_Free wrote. “This is not a sub for mocking or calling out exmormons,” he reiterated; leading to a collective ejaculation as members of the Exmormon closed subs realized that they had won their four year fight against faithful Mormons on Reddit.

“We do not support attacks against others, especially for their beliefs,” moderator Kayejazz stated, as she removed comments from a user who was defending his belief from attack by an ExMormon. “Please be kinder.”

Indeed, the focus has been on making r/latterdaysaints a “safer, kinder” place for ExMormons – who offer no guarantees of reciprocal civility as they target LDS investigators and doubting members and work smarter and harder to drive a message that Mormonism is as terrible as they are mock them behind their backs.

“Its a happy day for us,” the ExMormons said. “We deserve this. Mormons are idiots – they’ll trust anyone – you guys remember when they let Mithryn back in?”

“That was fucking hilarious – those guys.”

“I guess we could pack up and start somewhere else,” a believing redditor wrote. “But why bother? The ExMormons will follow us there too.”